We Buy Black is the largest online marketplace where Black owned businesses may create a shop and sell their products to the world. Currently, there are over 5,000 sellers and over 50,000 products to purchase. Growing its online presence to reaching millions of people, WeBuyBlack quickly became more than a website, but a strong movement to help circulate dollars within the Black community.

Since its launch date in 2016, WeBuyBlack.com has already helped circulate millions of dollars in the Black community by providing Black owned businesses exposure to millions of customers. This convention will focus on buying black, banking black, investing black, and reclaiming our share of this world. This convention is for people to network, exchange ideas, build new business relationships, start new business, attend cutting-edge and business-building workshops/seminars, and most importantly to shop with over 120 dynamic Black national vendors. 

Who Knew?


Who knew we had a Black owned toothbrush company, laundry detergent company, toilet tissue company, battery company, underclothing lines, shoe companies, etc? Well, at this convention you'll quickly learn that the Black community produces everything we want and need. You'll also meet these owners, shop with them, hear from them, and learn how you can create your own company, hire your own people, and help build our communities through economic empowerment. If you are serious about supporting the Black community and ensuring that our next generations are set on an equal playing field with the world, the We Buy Black Convention is a "MUST ATTEND" event for you.

Why is this event necessary? It's said that a dollar circulates in Asian communities for nearly 30 days, in the Jewish community for nearly 20 days and white communities for 17 days? Well, unfortunately a dollar circulates in the Black community for only 6 hours. This convention will show ways in which we can collectively work together to turn 6 hours into 6 months. Currently, the black community has the highest rates of poverty, of homelessness, of joblessness, of crime, and of imprisonment. Sociologist note that there is a direct correlation between these systemic and multigenerational issues aforementioned to a lack of successful Black owned businesses. Studies show that the largest hiring agent for the Black community after the government are Black owned businesses. Black businesses also have the highest rates of hiring their own people compared to other races with more than 85% average Black employees.

Weak business infrastructure in the Black community leads to low wealth creation, high un/under-employment, a lack of financial literacy, resulting in stagnant economic growth, lack of broad based participation in that growth and general economic insecurity. This convention will be solution oriented, providing direct ways to help end these disparities utilizing the resources within our community. Thank you for supporting this effort and we can’t wait to see you all at the 2nd annual We Buy Black Convention!